Do you wish you had a place in your life to be heard deeply? Do you find yourself caught in repetitive patterns of thought or behavior? Do you experience emotional numbness or emotional reactions that feel too big? I am a seasoned mental health therapist who enjoys bringing a connected, attentive presence to work with adults of all ages. I have a gentle yet forthright style. I hear "underneath" the typical understandings of life's difficulties. Within our therapy relationship, we will sort through the challenges you are facing, bring compassion to your experience, and invite new thoughts, actions, and relational dynamics to emerge.

  • anne martin

    I work with adults of all ages, and older teens, toward healing emotional pain or injury, toward fuller living.  I love the words in the song by Leonard Cohen “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”  We’ll approach those “cracked” places together, acknowledging both their pain and the opening they provide for healing and growth.

    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which means I have master’s level training in mental health counseling and am licensed to practice independently.  I have held this license since 1992.  Additionally, I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP); I completed a 3-year certificate program in this approach in 2023.  Through this lens, we will include and prioritize the body’s experience in therapeutic work, recognizing that our nervous systems adapt to adverse experiences and form habits of response that are useful at the time but may get “stuck” in ways of responding that have become unhelpful.  We’ll facilitate the release of these old response patterns to allow the growth of healthier ones.  

    I also have post-masters degree training in Depth Psychology, which looks at unconscious processes that inform our outlook and actions.  Theories of attachment inform my work.  I acknowledge that each of us functions in the context of family and/or community, so look at the interaction between an individual and their environment.  And most importantly, I believe the experience of having a space to thoroughly express oneself and be deeply heard are central to the healing process.

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