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I grew up in Pennsylvania, then spent time in the urban areas of Chicago and Washington, DC before making Harrisonburg my home for the past 25+ years.  I love the green rolling hills surrounding our valley, flowering gardens, time with friends and family, and the rhythm of students arriving to and departing from our university town each year.

I worked in a family service agency and community mental health centers before starting my private practice in Harrisonburg I the early 2000s.  I work with those experiencing anxiety, depression and the effects of traumatic experience.

My approach is holistic; it honors the experience of mind, emotions, body and spirit. We will pay attention to overt thought processes, feelings and experiences. We will also use the visceral, felt experience of the body and the expansiveness of the imagination to deepen our work beyond conscious processes. I welcome client's spiritual lives in the counseling process as well.

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